We Are Bombon


Bombon is a full-service design studio founded 2014. Since then we provide  visual communication solutions in the fields of brand strategy, creative direction, visual identity, packaging design, product, graphic, interior, and web design.
We approach every project with the same objective – find the best creative solution with communicative strength, longevity, and set it apart from the competition.
As a creative partner of ambitious businesses, we love collaborations. They introduce us to new and exciting worlds. And during each collaboration we learn, we are inspired and formulate new ideas that blend into the projects we are engaged in. Depending on the client, their needs and goals, we also cooperate with professionals from the various fields of the communication and design sectors. We believe in togetherness and creation out of a real desire to create the best for the client.

Client list

Wolfgang & Dolly, Moj kruh, Invida, Iskon, Ožujsko, Luka Couture, Lokomotiva, Titan Fleet, Stanica, Eurotox, Poliklinika Eljuga, Smart, Press Club,Havana Club, Khala bar, Tele2, Kraš, Školska knjiga, Eurobev, Voćko, Power House, Ponto, Hura arhitektura, HURA, Dani komunikacija, Zubak, Cineplexx Slovenija, Poliklinika Bagatin, Teatar Exit, Mediamix, Signal Sistem, Mcmilan, Maxi Catering, HUP, Varping, Vanilla, Koko, Oktan, Almagea, Primorac, Opium restoran, Popper band, Darvel, Sv. Bernardica, iTeam, Filip Fantoni, Ledo, Genc Boxing Gym, Adorabel, Iskon, Vocarna.hr, Niveto, Cat Logistics, Bruno Anković, Nabilah Harron, Randez-vous, Dragan Šiša, Tehnokom